Customer Variances will be an example of a cost that was not anticipated on the original scope of work, but is related to a customer Change Order. In Buildertrend, you will have the option to create a Customer Variance Bill/PO directly off of an approved change order, a cost that will be invoiced to a customer.

To begin, scroll to the Project Management section and click on the (+) to create a Change Order.

Fill out all detailed information related to the added cost on the change order. As a best practice, it is recommended to add in an Approval Deadline to ensure your customer can sign off on the Change Order in a timely fashion, however not a requirement.

Utilize your Cost Codes to ensure all information flows to the Budget properly. Click on the Line Items tab to update the cost.

Once all information has been updated, click Save & Release. This will send out the Change Order to the email address you have on file for the customer.

Remember, the customer will need to be active with login credentials to the Owner Portal to view and approve the Change Order.

Once you have customer or internal approval on the change order you will have the ability to create the Variance PO directly from the Change Order.

Click on New Purchase Order and then click Create PO.

Click Continue to create the Customer Variance PO.

Buildertrend will auto assign the 72 - Customer change order variance code on the PO. This variance code will ensure the correct amount flows to your Budget underneath the Customer Variance column.

Once all information looks correct, click Finish.

Navigate back the Budget to review the cost. The amount from the PO will show under the Customer Variance column with the cost outside of the original scope of work.

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