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The new Notification Center section of Buildertrend, provides users the ability to access their own notifications from any page in the program.

The Notification Center will live within the Main Navigation bar and will combine each user's notifications for the past 30 days so that they are able to review their updates in one centralized location.

When a notification is sent to a user, a red badge will appear on the bell icon with a count.

By clicking the bell icon, a dropdown will appear with a list of Notifications from the past 30 days.

From this section you can see combined, all Email, Text, and Push notifications for the user.

You can Mark All as Read inside the Notification Center.

The Preferences tab takes the user to their notification settings in their user profile.

The 3 dots to the right of the Notification provides the option to Mark items as Read/Unread, Unfollow certain notifications, or access their notification Preferences.

By Selecting Unfollow, this will allow users to unfollow an activity regarding:

  • The Job the notification came from.

  • The Feature the notification came from.

  • The Event that triggered the notification.

Mobile App Overview - Notification Center

The Notification Bell icon is located in the top left corner of the Home Summary Page.

To mark an item as Read/Unread you will use the 'Swipe' action on your mobile device.


Automated notifications are an important communication tool and a great way to alert individuals of events in different sections of Buildertrend. If you are receiving too many notifications or you are not receiving the correct notifications, you can edit your notification preferences at the internal user level.

In order to adjust the notification preferences, you must be an administrator on the account. If you are not, you will need to reach out to an administrator to update the notification preferences.

To begin, scroll to the directory tab and click on Internal Users.

From here, click on the Internal User name then click Notifications.

The notifications are broken down by each tab; Sales, Project Management, Files, Messaging, Financial, and Administrative.

To view each, click on the arrow to the left of each section and you will see a breakdown of each notification.

There are 3 different notification options that can be setup for an Internal User.

Email - Email notifications sent to the email address associated with the user.

Text - These notifications will be sent to the number in the Cell Email (SMS Text) field for the user.

Push - These will be notifications associated with the Buildertrend mobile app.

After all Notification preferences are setup for that user, click Save.

The other area to check notifications, is at the Job Details level.

Click on the Internal Users tab to see who has job viewing access as well as see the notification preferences. Here is the area you can enable or disable the notifications, on a per job basis.

Once updated, click Save to lock in any changes.

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