Creating labor parts will increase your accuracy when creating a takeoff.

There are two methods when creating a labor part.

To cover the first method; click on the Templates tab towards the left and then select the specific assembly you would like to update by clicking on the play button.

You can update the name of the assembly at this time, as well. Once updated, click Start.

This will take you to the Takeoff Property page. At the very bottom of the page, you can click Add Part.

Next, update the part type to be Labor. The important thing here is the part and parent relationship with the assembly. In this example, the wall assembly is in standard linear feet, you will want to use the Labor By LF for the part name.

Once saved, click on Properties to update the newly created part.

Once you have updated the part properties, you can click Save As New Assembly.

Measure the area on your plans. Once completed, click the Reports tab at the top and click Estimate.

You will see the labor part added in on your estimate report.

At the Takeoff Property level, you can update cost to be reflected properly on your estimate report, as well as your estimate in Buildertrend.

Another method for creating a part; click on the Estimating tab to the left and then click Templates to begin.

Locate and click on the Starter Package template, then scroll down to find Labor Assemblies.

As a best practice, we recommend duplicating the existing labor assemblies from your starter package. Click Duplicate to do so.

Once duplicated, you are able to drag and drop from your starter package to your custom assembly. Type Yes to complete.

You now have successfully created a Labor Part!

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