In order to begin working with formulas, navigate to Buildertrend Takeoff and select the Templates section within the Estimating tab.

Each formula will live at the Part level. To view, click the edit button next to the part and then select Properties.

The Qty (Quantity) formula, tells the estimate how many of a given item go into the parent measurement. As a best practice, you can create or modify the quantity formula as you see fit for your estimates.

Click the Edit button next to the Qty field.

You will see the Property Data section, that contains the formula field that can be created or modified. You can also update the description or type for each part property.

You can type out the formula or utilize the x2 button to help build out the formula.

By clicking on x2, you will see the formula writer box on the left and items on the right. These items are all the properties that are contained within this one component, within this one part.

The Functions & Operators tab will list all options that can be utilized when building out your formulas. You will see round up, round down, square root, pi, parentheses, plus, minus, divide and multiply for the options when building out formulas.

To begin with the formula creation, double click on the item or function you want to bring over to the formula writer box. Click Save to lock in the formula you would like to use for this specific part.

By duplicating your assemblies and parts from the Square Takeoff starter packages, you will be able to easily edit or modify existing formulas. As a best practice, we recommend updating your current pricing, while utilizing the preset formulas for each part.

Once duplicated, click on the Edit button, then click Properties to view the existing formula.

You have now successfully updated and created formulas for your parts!

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