By setting up your outbound payments, you will have the ability to pay your subs and vendors through your Buildertrend account.

First, scroll to the cog wheel and click on Manage Subscription.

Since Buildertrend is billing on a per-usage basis, you will need to opt-in before signing up for outbound payments. Click Manage Subscription.

Next click, Select Add-on.

From here you will be able to review and confirm the changes with your subscription.

Once you have opted in, you will be able to sign up for outbound payments. Navigate to the Cog Wheel and click Setup.

Next, scroll down and click Online Payments. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Sign up to start sending payments.

At this time, you will be required to input a signature and accept the Terms & Conditions. You can also update the Payment Expiration timeframe. Once completed, click the Next button.

After reviewing the payment preview, click Next.

The last step will be to use Plaid to connect your account, this is where the funds will be withdrawn.

You have now successfully setup your Outbound Payments!

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