To get started, ensure that you have your Parts Catalog setup with correct cost code and pricing information. This will be crucial to ensure line item information flows properly from Buildertrend Takeoff to the estimate.

Once you have setup your parts catalog, you will begin with the Area tool, located at the top of Buildertrend Takeoff.

Next, update all correct information for the area you plan to measure and click Start.

Measure the area on your set of plans.

To utilize the joist tool, ensure you have selected on the correct area.

Once highlighted, navigate to the Tools tab at the top and click on Joist Tool.

Update your joist tool information, including Floor or Roof system depending on the measurement. It will be a best practice to save the joist tool information to a template, which can be utilized in other roof or flooring areas on your plans. The arrow will show the button to click to save all information to a template.

Once all information has been updated, click Start.

Continue to utilize your joist tool for each area measured.

When you have finished, refresh your estimate to view your updated line items.

You have now successfully used the joist tool to help build out your estimate!

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