The Parts Catalog will be a helpful resource in Buildertrend Takeoff. These will be the line items that make up the materials used, similar to the Buildertrend Cost Catalog.

You will have the ability to create parts from scratch as well as import parts from a spreadsheet.

First, navigate to the Estimating tab and click Parts Catalog.

There will be 3 catalogs available. Each catalog contains material that can be beneficial when performing a takeoff.

Each part includes an industry-based formula for calculations when estimating a project.

If you choose to modify any of these items, you will need to create another catalog and add the items to it. This means that you will have a custom catalog for you and your team to utilize in Buildertrend Takeoff.

To do so, click Add New Catalog. Give it a name, add the manufacturer, and set the catalog type.

If you are creating a default parts catalog, select the default option.

The new catalog created will not have any parts, you can click and drag parts into the newest catalog that was created. To view the newest added part to your custom catalog, you will need to refresh the page.

You now have the option to modify the part that was added to your custom catalog.

Click the Edit button to update. From here you can also adjust the cost code of the part. This determines how the information is organized within Buildertrend when viewing lead proposals, job proposals, and your budget.

The next option will be to import a parts catalog. Navigate to the System Config tab and click Import.

You can drag and drop your file or browse your computer for the file you want to upload.

Once your file has been uploaded, all the columns from the spreadsheet will be displayed within the grid. From here you can start to map each field accordingly. Once mapping is complete you can click Next in the bottom right corner.

The final step will be to verify each column has been mapped properly, before completing the import. Any errors will be displayed in the right hand column.

At this point, you have successfully created and imported your Parts.

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