Assemblies are the formulas for calculating the amount of materials required for construction.

A template will need to be created as a first step prior to assembly creation. You will be able to create assemblies from scratch under the Estimating tab, then by clicking Templates.

To start a template from scratch, click Add New Template.

You will then go through the process to name the template and assign it to the appropriate user group.

All required fields will show a red asterisk; the information that needs to be updated before a template can be saved. Once updated, click the Save button.

Once you have saved your template, you will then create a folder within the new template. The goal here will be to have assemblies created within the folder.

Click the (+) button and then select Folder.

Give your folder a name, then click Save.

Your next step will be to click the (+) next to the folder that was just created and select Assembly.

There will be 3 measurement types to choose from โ€“ Area, Linear or Count. For the example below you will see Linear chosen for the assembly, along with Standard Linear as the Linear Type.

You will have the ability to update the width of the line, the linear color, price per linear foot and the transparency of the line itself. Once all has been updated, click Save.

The below video will now walk through the steps on adding parts to your created assemblies.

Help Video

At this point, you have successfully created your Assemblies in Buildertrend Takeoff

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