Please note: In order to set up the integration, you will need to be an administrator for your Buildertrend account as well as have access to administrative credentials for your QuickBooks.

Begin by navigating to Setup in the top right.

From here, the Accounting tab will be at the bottom.

Once selected, choose Begin Setup.

Once QuickBooks Desktop has been selected, the Web Connector Installation Guide will pop up.

Web Connector Installation Guide

Please note: if you currently use a server to manage your QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to do this entire process within the server environment. If you are hosted through Right Networks, you will need to contact them first and they will set up the web connector for you.

Users of the 2015 and 2016 versions of QuickBooks Desktop will need to download the Web Connector from the provided link. Versions 2017 and newer will have the Web Connector automatically included.

  • All customers outside the United States integrating Buildertrend with Quickbooks Desktop do not have the Web Connector pre-packaged within QuickBooks. This means that you will need to download both the web connector and the configuration file.

  • Also, users outside the United States do not have the Update Web Services option available under the File dropdown within QuickBooks. To access the Web Connector, you need to either set up a desktop shortcut or search Web Connector within your computer to access the Web Connector.

Click Continue to proceed. Next, you will need to download the Buildertrend Configuration File. You will need to have your QuickBooks open to the correct company file you wish to connect to Buildertrend. If the web connector was downloaded, you will need to find the web connector on your desktop to open it.

If you have QuickBooks Desktop 2017 or newer, you can access the web connector by accessing the File menu within QuickBooks and selecting Update Web Services.

Select Add an Application.

Select the downloaded Buildertrend Configuration File and select Open.

You will be asked to Authorize New Web Service. Select OK to continue.

You may be asked to verify the App Certificate. If so, Select Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running. Select Allow this application access to personal data, then select Continue.

You will be asked to confirm access. Select Done to complete the authorization.

You will be returned to the Web Connector. Select the checkbox to the left of the application. Set a password by typing in the password field. Select Yes when prompted to save the password.

The last step is to manually run the Web Connector for the first time. To do so, click the Update Selected button.

By following these steps, your Web Connector should be set up and ready for use. Information will only feed from Buildertrend to QuickBooks, and from QuickBooks to Buildertrend when the web connector runs. This will run automatically every two hours, but you can run a manual sync by going to the gear icon in the top right, and selecting Sync with QuickBooks.

Information deleted in QuickBooks will not be deleted from Buildertrend, and information deleted in Buildertrend will not be deleted within QuickBooks.

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