What information syncs from Buildertrend to the Takeoff when I click the "Launch Takeoff" button?

  • Buildertrend Information

    • Lead Opportunity Title/Job Name/Project Name

    • Customer Contact Name/Contact Name

    • Phone

    • Email

    • Job/Opportunity Address/Address

What if a Cost Code or Cost Item is not selected for a Part?

  • When the info syncs over to Buildertrend the Part will be associated with Buildertrend Flat Rate.

If I make adjustments to my takeoff after it syncs to Buildertrend will the changes reflect in Buildertrend?

  • Yes. If the information isn't in Buildertrend, refresh your page and the info will populate.

If I have multiple Buildertrend accounts linked, can they all be linked to the same Takeoff account?

  • If you are using multiple Buildertrend accounts then you would need a Takeoff account for each one you would like to integrate with.

Can I import existing takeoffs I've created before connecting to Buildertrend? If so, how?

  • Yes, through the Excel import option. Export your estimate from the Takeoff to Excel and import it to Buildertrend using the ‘Estimate From Excel’ option from the Import dropdown.

Can I import multiple takeoffs to one Estimate in Buildertrend? If so, how does that work?

  • You can add to your takeoff and that will automatically update the information in Buildertrend.

What happens if I delete a project in the Takeoff that was associated with a Job in Buildertrend?

  • Only the job in the Takeoff would be deleted. If the job in Buildertrend needs to be deleted, it would need to be done manually. If the ‘Launch Takeoff’ button is clicked from the Buildertrend job, it will take the user to the Takeoff's main dashboard since the project associated with the Buildertrend job was deleted in the Takeoff.

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