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Who will show as the sender for e-check emails?

E-checks will show as the sender, but the builder’s company name will display as the forwarding email address. The subject line will read. “(Builder company name) has sent you a payment.”

Will I get reminders if I haven’t opened a payment?

Yes! If you haven’t selected a deposit method for a payment, we’ll send reminder emails every five days. Keep in mind, payments can expire after a certain number of days predetermined by the builder.

Do I need to sign up or set up anything to start receiving payments?

Nope! You don’t have to do anything on your end to start receiving payments.

Once your builder emails your first e-check, you’ll simply select your preferred deposit method.

  • For self-printed checks, you won’t have to provide any additional information. However, as a security precaution, the check can only be printed five times.

  • For mailed checks, you’ll have to provide their current physical address.

How long do the payments take to show up in my bank account?

E-checks send immediately. Once you receive the check, the time it takes for money to arrive in your bank account depends on the deposit method you select.

  • Self-printed checks will be available immediately for you to deposit into your bank account.

  • Mailed checks will be delivered via the USPS and can take between three to 14 days to reach their final destination.

How do my I reconcile payments made to me through Checkbook? Where can I view the payments made to me?

If you can log in to Buildertrend, you’ll be able to view all payments that were sent to you in your Online Payment Report. You’ll also be able to see the check number of each payment when you select individual bills.

If you’re not able to log in to Buildertrend, you can compare the e-check amount and memo with your own accounting system.

Can I receive money from my mobile device?

Yes! You’ll receive an email for each payment. You can open the emails and select your deposit method from any mobile device or desktop.

Can I set up automatic deposits?

No. You’ll need to open each e-check and select how you’d like to deposit the funds. If you select the mailed check option, Checkbook will remember your information, so you don’t have to re-enter bank accounts or an address every time.

Since you’ll need to select how you want to deposit each check, there isn’t a default deposit option or the capability to set up automatic deposits.

What security measures are in place to keep my financial info safe?

Read more about Checkbook’s security in this help article.

My builder says they’ve sent me multiple payments, but I only see one in my inbox! How do I view all my payments?

Some email providers have a conversation view, which combines emails from the same sender with the same subject line. If you’ve received multiple payments from a builder in the same day, they may have been consolidated into a single email thread. Click on the button to expand each email to view each individual payment.

If you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email:, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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