I am receiving an instant verification error. Why is this?

When using a Chase Bank account, you need to use the Manual Verification method to make payments. If you try to use the Plaid method and make a check payment, the checks will bounce and you will receive an instant verification error.

Am I eligible to use this service to pay my subcontractors?

You’re eligible to make payments to your subcontractors through Buildertrend Payments if you’re located in the U.S. and have the necessary privileges through their current Buildertrend package.

How much does the service cost? How will I be charged?

The service is paid for by you as the contractor and is free for subs receiving payments. The cost for each transaction is $1.49.

You’ll see these charges alongside your standard Buildertrend subscription. These fees will be charged monthly even if you pay your main subscription on an annual basis. You can view this subscription fee on your Subscription Management page. You’ll be billed at the end of each billing cycle for the transactions accrued during the previous month.

What company is processing these payments?

We’ve established a partnership and integration with a leading payment processing company called Checkbook.io to process these payments. Checkbook.io is a trusted partner for several leading software platforms.

Can I use both WePay and Buildertrend Payments for paying subcontractors?

No. Once you sign up for Buildertrend Payments, you can no longer continue to use WePay.

Where can I view my subscriptions and payment settings?

You can view your billing subscription on your Subscription Management page by going to Setup and clicking on Manage Subscription. To view your payment settings, go to your Online Payments Setup page.

Will all email addresses tied to the account be notified of payment or how does it know which email to send the notification to? Can I set a default email address for payments?

For security purposes, payments will only be sent to one recipient. When you make a payment, you’ll select one of the saved email addresses associated with your subcontractor. You can also enter a new email address if you don’t have the one you need saved.

Who will show as the sender for e-check emails?

E-checks will show support@checkbook.io as the sender, but your company’s name will display as the forwarding email address. The subject line will read. “(Your company name) has sent you a payment.”

What does the email my sub receives look like?

Will my subs get reminders if they haven’t accepted a payment?

Yes! If your subs haven’t selected a deposit method, we’ll send reminder emails every five days.

What can I add to the memo line on the e-check? Can I change the default memo settings?

Yes! We’ll default the memo line with the numbers associated with the payment, but you’ll have the option to edit. At this time, there isn’t an option to change the default memo settings.

The memo line has a 2,054-character limit for e-checks, and a 180-character limit for printed checks. If the memo is longer than 180 characters, a URL will be included on the printed check, so your sub can reference the full memo online.

Do my subs have to be active in Buildertrend to receive payments?

Nope! To send payments to your subs, you just need their email address and job viewing access. They don’t have to be invited to log in.

Do my subs have to do anything on their end to get set up?

Nope! Your subs don’t have to do anything on their end in order to send them a payment.

Once you email their first e-check, they will simply select their deposit method.

  • For self-printed checks, they won’t have to provide any additional information. However, as a security precaution, the check can only be printed five times.

  • For mailed checks, they’ll have to provide their current physical address.

We’ve had issues in the past with some of our subs not being able to sign up with WePay. Will there be similar issues with Buildertrend Payments?

Nope! The process for paying subs through Buildertrend Payments is easy. There’s no longer the need for micropayments.

Can I set the check numbers I use?

Yes! You can set a starting check number for each bank account and from there checks will number automatically.

Is there a limit to the amount I can send per check?

Yes. There’s currently a $150,000 cap per check. If you need to send larger payments, please let us know! In the meantime, you can break up your payments into multiple checks of smaller amounts.

What type of payments can I make (i.e. single, bulk, etc.)?

You can make individual payments one at a time by viewing a specific bill and selecting Pay and Pay Online. You can also make payments in bulk using the checked actions option on the Bills page. If you choose this option, we’ll sum up all the bills based on who they’re assigned to and send only one payment to each subcontractor.

How quickly will my subs receive their payments?

E-checks send immediately. From there, it’ll depend on when your sub opens their email and the deposit option they choose.

  • Self-printed checks will be available immediately for them to deposit into their bank account.

  • Mailed checks will be delivered via the USPS and can take between three to 14 days to reach their final destination.

How do I stop or recall a payment if it’s incorrect?

If you void a bill with a pending payment on it, we’ll void the payment for you. Otherwise, you’ll put in a stop payment order through your bank.

How long are the e-checks good for?

During sign up you can customize the amount of time your e-checks are good for. Once an e-check hits your chosen expiration window, we’ll automatically void the payment, so it cannot be deposited.

Where can I see my payment history?

You can view all the payments you’ve made on your Online Payment Report. You can also view the payment history for a specific bill by selecting Bill Details.

What are the definitions of the various payment and bill statuses?

Payments will show as ‘Unpaid’ and Bills will show as 'Under Sub Review' when a payment has been made, but your subcontractor or vendor hasn't picked how they'd like to deposit those funds yet.

Payments and Bill will show ‘Void’ if a payment or bill are voided.

How do I reconcile payments made through Buildertrend Payments?

You can view and manage all your payments through your Online Payments Report. You can also see the check number and bank account from which a payment was sent when you select the individual bill. If you’re connected to QuickBooks Online or Xero, the payments you make via Buildertrend will push to your accounting system as bill payments as well.

How do my subs reconcile payments made through Buildertrend Payments?

Subs with Buildertrend account login access can view all payments that were sent to them in their Online Payment Report. They can also see the check number for each payment when they select individual bills.

Can I make payments from my mobile device?

No. This is not available in our mobile app at this time. If you need to make a payment while on the go, you can log in to your Buildertrend account through the web browser on your mobile device.

Can my subs receive payments from their mobile device?

Yes! Your subs will receive an email for each payment. They can open the emails and select their deposit method from any mobile device or desktop.

Can my subs set up automatic deposits?

No. Your subs have to open each e-check and select how they’d like to deposit the funds.

Since subs have to select how they want to deposit each check, there isn’t a default deposit option or the capability to set up automatic deposits.

How do I add a bank account to make a payment?

Just click the Add Bank Account button within Setup and Online Payments. Most bank accounts can be verified using Plaid’s instant account verification. If your banking institution is not available for instant verification, you can use Plaid to verify your account using microdeposits.

Why can’t I add a new payment method when I’m in the process of paying a bill?

For your security, we only send payments after a bank account has been fully verified.

How many bank accounts can I add?

There’s no limit on the number of bank accounts you can add.

What security measures are in place to keep me and my sub’s financial information safe?

Read more about Checkbook’s security in this help article.

How to I sign up for sending payments through Buildertrend?

To sign up and set up sending payments with Buildertrend, you’ll go to the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Buildertrend account. From there, you’ll select Setup and Online Payments. After signing up, you’ll start seeing the option to Pay Online when you view bills.

Who on my team can make a payment?

Internal users will need the Mark Bill/PO as paid permission in order to send a payment. You can find set this permission by going to the gear icon and selecting My User Preferences. Click on the Permissions tab. At the top of the window select the Role you want to update permissions for and scroll down to the Bills/Purchase Orders section.

How will these payments show up on my bank statement?

This will depend on how your subcontractor chooses to deposit their funds. If they print and deposit the check, it will look just like it does when you hand write a check, with the check number visible. You may see the information listed below, however, some banks choose not to include it.

Credit: "Checkbook Inc - BUSINESS <sender name> <description>"

Debit: "<recipient name> - BUSINESS Check <#> <description>"

How do I use a vendor credit?

If you’re not connected to an accounting service, there is not currently a way to apply a vendor credit to a new payment.

If you are connected to an accounting service, apply your credit in your accounting system. Then when you go to send a payment in Buildertrend, we’ll only create a payment for the remaining balance on the bill.

If you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email: support@buildertrend.com, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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