This update includes security changes to the Owner Activation and profile management process. This update, and the changes involved, are necessary steps toward the larger project of getting multiple Owner Contacts on a single job.

What's Changed?

Owners must set their own login credentials

As Buildertrend grows and matures our product and with several third-party integrations, we must be compliant with higher security standards. Part of that is protecting user privacy by giving total autonomy to a person over their profile information and login username and password. Because of this, we have sunset the capabilities that allowed for the Builder to set or reset the Owner’s credentials manually.

The "Set Login Credentials Manually" button is no longer available next to the Activation Status. The Owner is now the only one who can set or reset their login credentials.

The Primary Email becomes the manager of the Owner account - Email Invite and Email/Password Reset will only go to the Primary Email for the Owner Contact

As we move toward each person having their own login experience, we need a sole person that manages the currently shared owner account. This will be the Primary Email. As a default, the first listed email on the Owner account has been set as the Primary Email. Owner Contacts can still have up to 6 emails (1 Primary and 5 Additional Emails). The additional emails still receive all applicable Buildertrend notifications. Once a Primary Email is entered, you will see the option to add Additional Emails.

The Primary Email for an Owner Contact must be unique within the same Builder Account.

As we take steps toward a Contact representing an individual, each Owner Contact must now have a unique Primary Email for their contact profile. This will help avoid duplication of Contacts associated with the same Primary Email within a single Builder.

If you are trying to create a New Contact and the Primary Email already exists on an Activated Owner, you will receive an alert that states “This email is currently the Primary Email associated with another account.” At that point, you should select the existing Contact associated to that Primary Email.

If you try to invite a Contact with a Primary Email already in use you will get an error message with the Name of the Contact that has claimed that primary email.

You have a few options:

  • Remove the Contact you are attempting to invite in order to add the one with the right Primary Email

  • Go to Contacts and use Checked Actions to merge the 2+ Contacts, if they are all the same person

  • Change the Primary Email to one that is unique

    • One fix would be to move a secondary email to the Primary spot and shift the existing one to a secondary email spot

If the Owner is Active and the Owner is trying to change the Primary Email to one that already exists, they will have to work with you to get the correct, existing Contact linked to that Job.

All other “Additional Emails” (emails 2-6) do not have the same validation. They can be duplicated across Contacts.

Owner Profile Image can only be set by the Owner

As we modernize our platform, we are shifting the Contact Info and profile picture to be solely owned by that person. This way, you have an image of the Owner in your account so you know who to look for upon your first meeting or an easy way to put a face to a name.

An Active Contact’s Info can only be updated by the active Owner.

The customer that you’re working with will always have the most up-to-date information about themselves and as we modernize our platform, we are putting the ownership of that information in the hands of the Owner Contact. Once they are activated, the Contact information becomes un-editable by the Builder and the Owner has total control over it. However, you can still add additional emails to the Contact, regardless if they are activated.

Sunset the ability to send a custom text to an Owner directly from Buildertrend

Some Builders had the ability to send a custom text directly from Buildertrend to an Owner. This came through as a no-reply SMS text. The owner could not respond to this text message and it did not log anywhere in Buildertrend that communication had been sent to the Owner. Because we have Notifications that send via SMS Text, we have removed this functionality.


With an Owner's Contact Info being locked in upon invite sent, I cannot edit the Primary Contact Info. How can I assist in editing this info for the Owner?

You can cancel the pending invite, edit the contact info, then resend the invite.

If the Owner is active, you would have to deactivate the Owner, edit the info, then resend the invite.

Can I edit a Contact's info from a Lead if that same Contact is active on a Job?

No. The Owner will have complete control over their profile/contact information. If they make changes, it will reflect in the Job they are active on, and the Lead Opportunity they are tied to. The Builder can add/edit additional emails and Custom Field information.

If you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email:, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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