Mobile app users can now track their own time on all job sites, regardless of cell service. Once a user clocks in and out as they usually would, the time shift will be put in a pending sync status, and it will auto-sync once an internet connection is established. This new feature helps users who have job sites with poor or no cell service to still clock in and clock out and document their labor against the proper job.


  • Must have Buildertrend App version 9.15 or higher.

  • A user can now clock in, take breaks, and clock out using the app without an internet connection.

  • Can clock in using the Home Screen Time Clock Widget or by going to the Time Clock section of the mobile app.

  • Users will have complete functionality of the 'Overview' tab from within the Time Clock section.

  • Users can select cost codes, tags, and input notes for their time shift

  • The mobile app does not need to be open to sync.

  • Users can โ€˜Switchโ€™ jobs through the quick switch workflow.

  • iOS will support offline Time Clock functionality for the Buildertrend Time Clock Widget

  • A user can open and edit any pending sync time shifts.

  • Geofencing will work while offline.

  • A user must be signed in to the mobile app before losing an internet connection.

    • A user can be logged in to the mobile app for 30 days before automatically logging out.

  • The app will recognize and display when it's offline to the user.

  • If the sync fails, an error reason will pop up. Users can click "SyncFailed" and edit the time shift to fix the error.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: The following will not be available while using the Time Clock offline:

  • Recording shifts manually

  • Approving shifts

  • Clocking in other users

  • Clocking in multiple users

  • Creating new Tags


  • Clock in/out by using the Time Clock Widget from the Summary page or navigating to Time Clock and tapping the Clock Out/Clock In button.

  • Users can select a Job, Cost Code, Tag and fill out any necessary information in the Notes section from the details screen before tapping Clock In. Once clocked in, users can tap Take Break to start recording a break or tap Switch Job to quickly clock out of their current job and into a new one.

  • Tap End Break to clock back in and end the break. After tapping Switch Job and selecting a new job, users can also select a specific Cost Code, Tag and fill out additional information in the Notes section. Tap Switch in the top right to clock in to the newly selected job.

  • All shifts that are pending sync will be viewable from the Shifts tab. The Map tab will show the last location before going offline. However, the correct location will show once the offline shifts sync and you are back online.

  • To end a shift, tap Clock Out. From the details screen, users can edit the Cost Code, Tag or add additional information in the Notes section. Tap Clock Out in the top right to finish clocking out and add the recorded shift to the Pending Sync shifts. Once back online, all Pending Sync shifts will sync.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: If using an iOS device, the Offline Time Clock feature is only available if using iOS 15 or higher.


Can the device widgets be used while offline?

  • iOS: Yes, full widget capabilities will be available

What happens when permissions or data changes while offline?

  • If the Cost Code used is deleted before the sync, it will default to using flat rate.

  • If the user's permissions change while offline, the shift will not be added.

  • If the Job being used is deleted, the shift will be changed to the General Job.

What happens when there is conflicting shift data for a user?

  • The last save wins. When conflicts in data occur, whoever saves last will have that information saved.

Will my location be tracked, and will geofencing work when offline?

  • A user's location will be tracked for offline shifts. The location will be sent along with other data, and geofencing will still work upon the shift syncing.

  • We will cache the user's app location settings and continue to prompt them before clocking in if they are required to have location turned on for the app with geofencing.

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