This update creates a more personalized experience by allowing users to decide what updates are necessary for them to accomplish their tasks. Users can now enable or disable notification preferences for a specific job and disable notifications completely for jobs they have access to, but don't need alerts for.

This update also includes new notification alerts for when preferences are adjusted and opened up the ability for users with proper access to view the Owner and Sub/Vendor notification table.


Change your notification preferences

  • Hover over your settings cogwheel and select 'My User Preferences'.

  • Go to the 'Notifications' tab to adjust notifications from specific actions taken and the method you would like to receive those notifications, i.e. Email or Push.

    • Click an arrow to expand that section.

  • Go to the 'Job Access' tab to enable or disable all notifications for individual jobs.

Viewing Sub/Vendor and Owner notification tables

We have added the ability for users (with proper access) to view the notification table for Subs/Vendors and Owners.

  • The Owner notification table is located within 'Job Details' and under the 'Owner' tab.

  • The Sub/Vendor notification table is located within 'Sub/Vendor Details' and under the 'Notifications' tab.

Know when notification preferences change

Admins can now opt-in to receive an email outlining the notification preference changes their users (Owner, Internal User and Sub/Vendors) are making to keep them up to date. These new notifications are turned off by default and will need to be turned on in order to receive them.

To turn on any of these three new notifications, go to the Notifications tab within My User Preferences, and they will be located under the Administrative notification section.

Non-Admins, Owners and Subs/Vendors will also receive an email when Admins make changes to their notification preferences. This notification is on by default and cannot be turned off.

Below is an example email for notification changes.


Why was this change made?

We’re empowering our users to decide what updates are the most relevant to them in order to complete specific tasks related to jobs they are a stakeholder on.

Each notification our users receive should provide value to them and not be detrimental to their productivity.

By allowing users to control their preferences to be more efficient as well as providing more visibility into updates a user can receive should prove to allow our users to focus now more than ever.

Can admins still control other users' settings?

The user receiving the notification should have the ability to manage what updates they receive and how they receive them. That will ensure the user is receiving the most relevant updates pertaining to their role and their work.

We also understand the use case for full admins who need to be able to align their team to their evolving company processes, which is why they still have the ability to edit individual user preferences.

What if a member of my team disables notifications that they need to be receiving?

We know your team needs certain notifications enabled to receive important updates for the jobs they are working on. If they make notification adjustments, Admins will now receive an email that outlines the changes that user made.

What if a Sub/Vendor or Owner disables notifications that they need to be receiving?

Solid communication is critical when working with your subcontractors and clients. Like an internal user, if a subcontractor or client makes notification adjustments, Admins will receive an email that outlines the changes they made. At that point, an Admin can adjust the notifications back if important ones were disabled.

Is there a way to preset notifications for specific user roles?

There isn't at this time but we have plans in a future release to have Notification Role Presets to allow for easier creation and further reduce setup time.

What is the “proper access” a user would need to see the notifications tables for Subs/Owners?

Under 'Permissions' within 'Internal User Details':

  • A user must have the 'View' permission turned on for 'Job Info' to see the Owner notification table.

  • A user must have the 'View' permission turned on for 'Subs/Vendors' to see the Sub/Vendor notification table.

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