Streamline your job cost tracking by creating bills from your receipts from The Home Depot.

Simply upload your receipt or go to your The Home Depot receipts located in the Buildertrend receipt capture tool to create a bill from your receipt. Once created, it will show in your job's Budget.

With this update, you'll now be able to keep track of ad hoc purchases not associated to a purchase order and simplify your recording process by having the bill details automatically from your receipts from The Home Depot.

Creating a bill from a receipt

To create a bill from a The Home Depot receipt, go to Financial and click on 'Receipts'.

Open the Receipt Details by clicking on the 'Title' of the receipt you want to create a bill from.

To create a new bill from the receipt, click 'New Bill'.

Once created, the following fields of information from the receipt will prepopulate in the bill:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Job

  • Sub/Vendor

  • Cost Code (applies code to all line items)

    • If a cost code isn't selected in the receipt details, it will use your default cost code for bills. To adjust this, go to Setup under your settings cogwheel and select Bills/POs/Budget.

  • *Image (receipt line item information and totals)

  • Attachments

*Note: The line item information and totals from the receipt image will only prepopulate in the bill if the receipt was synced from your ProXtra account. If the receipt was manually uploaded or emailed in, the information of the receipt image will need to be manually added to the bill.

  • The highlighted information below transfers to the bill.

From here, fill out the remaining fields in the Bill Details, edit information as desired for that job and continue your workflow as you would with any other bill you would create.

Once you save your bill, adjust the Status of your receipt in your Receipt Details to 'Complete', if all line items from the receipt have been applied or 'New' if there's a need to create another bill for a different job.

  • Multiple bills can be created from a single receipt.

You will notice a Related Items section that will show what bills are related to the receipt.

This is also available as a new column of information that can be brought into your Receipts grid via Grid Settings.


Why does the status of the receipt not change automatically when I create a bill?

The status doesn't automatically change because you can create multiple bills from a single receipt. That's why when you exit out of a bill it takes you back to the receipts page to either create a new bill or close it out by changing the status.

Why can't I select multiple cost codes on a receipt?

This will be part of a future enhancement to this feature and will allow you to select the desired code for each line item. As it stands today, you have the ability to change the codes for each line item within the created bill.

Why can’t I select multiple jobs?

You can't select multiple jobs when creating a bill from a receipt but you can create as many bills as needed from each receipt and manually adjust the line items allocated for each job. Having the ability to select multiple jobs at the point of creating the bill from the receipt will be a part of a future enhancement to this feature.

Why can receipts be seen by everyone, even when I assign it to a job they don’t have access to?

The Receipts section is intended to be a global hub, similar to the Global Documents feature. The concern for restricting access by job is if a receipt is supposed to be broken up into multiple jobs, the first job it was assigned to would restrict access to other users that needed to split the bill to a different job. The job name is the only job information shown in the receipts section.

Why is Sales Tax broken out as another line item?

This is to alleviate any confusion with line item totals on the bill not matching the totals on the receipt. Each line item on the bill will show the same totals as the line items on the receipt.

Why doesn't the bill get marked as paid automatically?

We didn't want to change any current accounting workflows with bills as there are various bookkeeping practices used. Bills can be marked as paid once created from a receipt.

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