Mobile app users can now create a Daily Log at any time, regardless of cell service. This new feature helps builders who have job sites with poor or no cell service document their job progress. Once a user creates a Daily Log as they usually would, the log will be put in a pending sync status, and it will auto-sync once an internet connection is established.


  • Once a log is created offline, it will sit in a pending sync status until an internet connection (wifi/cellular) is available, in which the log(s) will automatically sync.

  • The mobile app does not need to be open for the sync to occur.

  • All fields in the log will be available to use.

  • Weather, if turned on, will still be date and time-stamped from when the log was created and will pull once a connection is established.

  • A user must be signed in to the mobile app before losing an internet connection.

    • A user can be logged in to the mobile app for 30 days before automatically logging out.

  • A user can open and edit any pending sync logs.

  • Subcontractors will also have the ability to record logs while offline.

  • The app will recognize and display when offline to the user.

  • If the sync fails, an error reason will pop up. Users can click "SyncFailed" and edit the log to fix the error.


  • Create a new Daily Log by using the "Quick Add" (+) button from the Summary page or navigating to Daily Logs and tapping the "Add New" (+) button.

  • Fill out your Daily Log as you usually would and then tap "Save." You will see the offline log at the top of the page with a "Pending Sync" icon, and it will sync once a connection to the internet is made.

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