What is Global Search?

Global Search is a new search experience allowing users to locate information and find answers to their questions more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

How do I use it?

The search bar can be used from nearly anywhere in the program. Start typing in the box to bring up results automatically.

By default, your search will pull from all Jobs (open and closed) and all Items (full list here).

📄 Note: No matter if you have all jobs, multiple jobs or one job selected within the job picker, Global Search will search all open and closed jobs.


If you know the Job and/or Item you would like to search through, you can refine your search by using our Filter that's built into the results dropdown.

This will allow you to pick a specific Job and Item, like Daily Logs, Leads or Bills / POs. Once you select what you need, the results will update automatically.

Recently Viewed

Your 5 most Recently viewed search results will appear in the dropdown once you click into the Global Search box and before you start typing anything. The top result will be from your most recent search.

Searchable Fields

Below is a list of all of the current searchable Items and fields. As we continue to expand on Global Search, we will add more searchable Items and fields.

📄 Note:

  • Items and fields that have an asterisk in front of them are currently being rolled out and if they aren't available for search in your account now, they will be in the near future.

  • Items in italics are nested items. When nested items are selected from Global Search, they will open the item they are connected to. i.e. clicking on a Selection Choice will open the Selection the choice is tied to.

  • Sales

    • Lead Opp: Title & Notes

    • *Lead Proposal: Title

  • Job Details

    • Job: Job Name, Job Prefix, Job Adress (Street, City, State & Zip)

  • Project Management

    • Schedule: Title & Description

    • Daily Log: Notes

    • To-Do's: Title & Notes

      • *Checklist Items: Text

    • Change Orders: Title & Description

    • Selections: Title & Description

      • *Choices: Title & Description

    • Allowances: Title & Notes

    • Warranty: Title & Problem Description

  • *Files/Media

    • *Folders: Title

      • *Documents: Title & Description

      • *Photos: Title & Description

      • *Videos: Title & Description

    • *Doc/Photo/Video Attachments: Title

  • Messaging

    • *Comments: Text

    • Messages: Subject & *Body Text

    • RFI: Title & Question

  • Financial

    • Bid Package: Title, Description & Internal Notes

      • *Bids: Notes (Internal & Sub/Vendor)

    • Bills/POs: Title & Description/Scope of Work

    • Owner Invoice: Title & Description

  • Contacts/Directory

    • Internal Users: First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email

    • Subs/Vendors: Company Name, Primary Contact, Business Phone, Cell Phone & Email

    • Customer Contacts: Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Cell Phone & Email

Have Global Search feedback?

We would love to hear what kind of feedback you have. You can click on Leave Feedback About Search at the bottom of your Global Search results, or click here to tell us what you think.

📚 What's Next?

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