Filters within Buildertrend are used to segment data within the platform. Use your filter to tell Buildertrend what information you want, and that is all that will be displayed, hiding any undesired information. Creating and saving filters will save time and make reporting much more effortless.

Saving a Filter

In most sections of Buildertrend, you will have the option to FILTER YOUR RESULTS. This will be located toward the top of a section and collapse by default. To expand the filter, click on FILTER YOUR RESULTS.

Once expanded, you will see all filtering options. This will allow you to adjust the different options, which will tell Buildertrend what information you would like to see.

Once you have set up the filter, click Update Results to apply the filters you chose. You can then save these changes by clicking on the More Actions Ellipsis (three dots) that lives in the top right corner of your filter box.

📄 Note

The filter bar will appear gray when no filters have been applied, and it will appear blue when at least one filter has been applied.

After clicking Add New Saved Filter, you can add a Filter Name, you can make the filter private by checking Mark as private and you can set the filter as your default filter by checking Set as default. Click Add to save and add the filter.

  • Mark as private makes the filter only viewable by the user who created it. If the filter isn't marked as private, then all users with access can utilize the filter.

  • Set as default makes the filter the default filter for the user who checks that box. Once set, this filter will automatically apply every time the user clicks into this particular feature. It will not make it the default filter for all users. However, each user has the option to make this filter their default.

Selecting Saved Filters

You can create and save as many filters as you need to. These filters can be selected using your Saved Filters dropdown within FILTER YOUR RESULTS. Once clicked, you can choose from the dropdown or type in the box to perform a keyword search.

Managing Saved Filters

To manage your filters, select the cogwheel next to your Saved Filters dropdown.

Within this Saved Filters modal, you will see Your Saved Filters and filters Shared with you.

You will also have several options on this modal. You can:

  • Add a new saved filter from scratch (Add new saved filter).

  • Edit a current filter (Pencil icon).

  • Delete a filter (Trash Can icon).

  • Set a filter as your default or duplicate a filter (More Actions ellipsis).

👍 Pro Tip

If you have Custom Fields created in a specific section, you can utilize those when editing and saving custom filters.

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