Linking Jobs for a Single Owner Account

How it Works

  • The builder must link the jobs for the owner.

  • The owner must be active for the main job that all other jobs will be linked to.

  • Once set up, the owner can use one set of login credentials to get into their accounts.

  • The owner will have a dropdown in the top right corner of the page called Job.

  • The owner can only view one job at a time.

  • The owner can only have linked jobs from the same builder account.

  • Owner accounts cannot be linked with builder or subcontractor accounts at this time.

Setting Up

  • Click View Job Details (information "ℹ️" ) for the job you want to link the other job(s) to, and go to the Owner tab.

  • Go down to Linked Jobs, and click Link to another Job.

  • This will give you a dropdown with every open and closed job and allow you to choose one, some or all of the jobs.

  • After selecting the job(s), click Save in the Job Details.

    • This will trigger a pop-out notification confirming that you want to link the jobs.

  • Click Link to finish connecting the jobs.

  • Once linked, you have the ability to undo the link by clicking on Unlink this Job, or you can link more jobs by clicking on Link to another Job.

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