New Functionality

We have added the ability to record multiple payments against a single Owner Invoice and also added a Payments tab within the Owner Invoice section.

Manually Recording a Payment

Once Record Payment is selected, a modal will pop out that allows you to:

  • Select the Date Paid to record when the payment was received.

  • Record the total Balance Due or select Other Amount to type in the payment amount being received.

  • Select the Payment Method (Credit Card, Check or Other).

  • Record which internal user applied/received the payment by selecting them in the Received By dropdown.

Once the payment has been recorded, you will see it under Payment History.

If you click View Details, it will pop out the Invoice Payment Details.

If QuickBooks is Connected

If the Invoice was sent to QuickBooks and a partial payment was applied there, then that payment will come back and be automatically recorded in the Buildertrend Invoice under Payment History. The payment method will be displayed as "QuickBooks."

If Using Online Payments

Online Payments will work similarly to QuickBooks where the status will apply in the Payment History section. The payment method will be displayed as "Online Payment."

New Payments Tab

We now have a Payments tab along with an Invoices tab inside of the Owner Invoices section. The new Payments tab will allow you to see all Payments made on Owner Invoices by a single job or by all jobs. You also have filtering options within each tab.

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