This Landing Page redesign cuts through the clutter, prioritizing jobs in a way that makes progress and information simple to digest, understand and know at a glance.

The new Landing Page is organized into five sections that will let you quickly clock in/out, consume job activity, see what’s past due, due today, on deck in your schedule and take quick actions. This redesign will make your work easier and will be the landing dashboard for your day.

Why the Change?

We wanted to provide better visibility of the status of your company and your jobs with prioritized action items that help you determine the needs of your day along with seeing recent activity from your team.

What has Changed?

Top Banner (all listed jobs): At the top of the landing page, when all jobs are selected, we will show introductory info about the current user, including weather and any current time clock shifts.

  • Dynamic Greeting (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

  • Time Clock Integration (Clock In / Clock Out)

Top Banner (single job): We will display this section in place of the user section when a single job is selected.

  • Will indicate to the user how many other shifts are active on the selected job (permission to view other shifts dependent)

Action Items: In this section, we will have a list of items that require a user's attention. These links will be grouped into three categories and will direct users to filtered list pages to allow them to quickly tackle that action item.

  • What populates in the three sections is determined by what role and permissions each user has.

  • Clicking a link redirects the user to a page with a preset filter.

    • PAST DUE: Items assigned to that user with a filter of “Past Due” set

      • Exceptions: “Past Due Bills & PO Payments” & “Past Due Purchase Orders”

      • These counts will appear in the “FOR YOUR TEAM” area listed below

      • “All Users” filter applied on these counts

    • DUE TODAY: Items assigned to that user with a filter of “Today” set

      • Exception: “Due Today Bills & PO Payments”

      • These counts will appear in the “FOR YOUR TEAM” area listed below

      • “All Users” filter applied on this count

    • ACTION ITEMS: Items assigned to that user with no due date set

      • Exception: New Warranty Claims

      • These counts will appear in the “FOR YOUR TEAM” area listed below

    • FOR YOUR TEAM: These items are either not assigned or are assigned externally that we want to bring to a user's attention.

      • i.e. Bills/PO Payments are typically assigned externally, but this is important info the user needs to know to pay these on time.

      • i.e. An Owner submits a warranty claim, but it cannot be assigned initially.

All Jobs:

Single Job:

RECENT ACTIVITY FROM YOUR TEAM: We have included this popular mobile app feature for the web landing page. This will show team activity that has taken place and will be broken out by date and time, and the type of action.

ACTIONS (quick actions menu): An area where you can quickly add an item by clicking on that item's link.

  • This is based on each user's "Add" permissions within the user role they are assigned to.

  • This list is not customizable.

THIS WEEK'S AGENDA (schedule feed): This area shows a condensed "Agenda View".

  • Clicking "View Schedule" will take you to the Schedule tab

  • Click on an individual schedule item to edit from a pop-out on the summary screen


Are there customization options?

Not at this time, but we will be monitoring feedback closely and iterating on our solution as needed.

What will show in the "RECENT ACTIVITY FROM YOUR TEAM" section?

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