Adding Payment Codes

Anyone that can print an invoice can opt to include payment codes. To include payment codes, just check the ‘payment codes’ box on the print setup page. This will include both a QR code and an eight digit code so your clients can access their invoice through their mobile device or their computer.

Using Payment Codes

Your clients can use either the QR code or the eight digit code to view and pay their invoice online.

Using the QR Code

Your clients can scan the QR code on their invoice using any phone or tablet. The QR code will take them to view their invoice. From there, they can click the blue ‘Pay Online’ button to pay their invoice online.

Using the Eight Digit Code

Your clients can also opt to use the eight digit code. Using any computer, phone or tablet they can go to and enter their eight digit code along with the invoice amount. This will take them to view their invoice. From there, they can click the blue ‘Pay Online’ button to pay their invoice online.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I print an invoice again, will the codes change?

Nope! The codes will always stay the same for a single invoice, so you can print it as many times as you need without worrying that one copy may have an out of date code.

What happens if I unrelease, void, or delete an invoice after I’ve given it to my client?

Your client can only pay an invoice once you release it. If your client tries to access a voided invoice, they’ll still be able to view it but will clearly see that it’s been voided. If your client tries to access an unreleased or deleted invoice, they’ll get a message that the invoice is not available and to contact their builder.

Why do my clients need to enter a code and the invoice amount?

Having your clients enter the invoice amount ensures they’re viewing the correct invoice. This way, there’s no chance they mistype their code and view someone else’s invoice. Confirming the amount does not affect the payment options available to your client.

What happens if I change the invoice amount after I’ve printed it?

Your clients will still be able to use the QR code to view the invoice, where they’ll see the updated invoice, along with the current amount. Since we require the invoice amount if they’re using the URL and eight digit code, they’d need to know the new invoice amount to view it online. If an invoice has changed, we recommend printing a new copy for your clients, so their paper copy matches what they would see online.

If my clients can log in, and have saved payment methods, will they be able to use those when they use the codes on the printed invoice?

If your clients can log in, we recommend they view their invoice through their client portal. Since the codes on their invoice take them to a version of their invoice that does not require them to log in to view, their saved payment methods will not be available.

What payment methods can my clients use to pay invoices online?

Your clients will be able pay via ACH or Credit Card, the same payment options they could if you had them log in to pay. Since this payment process does not require them to log in, they will not be able to save their payment method for future use.

How much does this service cost?

As an existing Buildertrend Inbound Payments customer, you can utilize this service for no additional charge. Inbound payments fees will still apply and can be viewed in your Buildertrend account in Online Payments Setup.

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