With a focus on user experience and design, this refresh will provide a competitive and familiar workflow to other document storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. Featuring a search bar across all levels of Files, new upload modal, drag & drop capabilities, tile and table views, the first right-click action in the program and faster load times, the refresh will be a game changer.

What's New?

List View and Table View: These 2 views will be available in Docs/Photos/Videos.

Actions: Can now be accessed by right-clicking a Folder/Doc/Photo/Video or clicking the 3 action dots (ellipsis).

Upload Modal: The new modal now pops out and allows for the ability to drag and drop files from your email or computer. Use the Add Documents button or simply drag and drop it within a folder or on top of a folder. This can be done in Table or Tile view.

Moving Files: Use the same drag and drop feature to seamlessly move your files around.

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