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When using Excel to import an Estimate, can I bring in Cost Types?

Yes, the cost type mapping will function the same way as the Cost Code mapping.

Am I able to choose more than one Cost Type per line item?

Yes, but not when importing from Excel. When importing Cost Types, you can only map the line item to one Cost Type.

How do I change the names of my Cost Types?

The Cost Types cannot be customized at this time. The current list is based on research, and they are the most commonly used Cost Types.

How do I remove Cost Categories from my worksheet?

In order to remove a Cost Category, you have to deactivate any Cost Codes within the category. If you do not want to show that to a client, you can remove it from the Format area. If you are not using a Cost Code within a certain cost category, that category will not appear on your budget OR in the proposal to a client. We do that intentionally so you do not forget a category area while estimating.

Why is the Estimate called a Proposal when I go to Format & Share with Owner?

Previously, “Proposals” was only on the lead's side (Sales). Now, the Estimate in a job generates a Proposal that gets formatted to share with clients.

We wanted to separate the internal Estimate and client-facing Proposal. There was confusion around releasing Estimates/Proposals, so now the builder generates the Estimate for internal financials and generates a Proposal for client content.

I’ve moved items on my format tab, why didn’t they move on my worksheet?

This is simply part of the separation of the job Estimate and the customer Proposal. We are keeping the categories on the worksheet defaulted to the builder's Cost Categories for consistency: Budget/Estimate as well as making it easier for editing and adding costs. This functions as it did prior to the update.

Where do I go to change the information a customer sees on a released Estimate?

Once it has been released, the worksheet is now locked. The user would need to unrelease it to make any edits. This allows for better communication on edits between the builder and the client.

How do I print my Estimate?

You can print or turn your Estimate into a PDF within the Format & Share with Owner section.

How do I add sub-categories to my Estimate?

Sub-categories were removed for lack of use (less than 1% of all estimates), and also the information displayed was inconsistent on how sub-categories should work. We will continue to work on a better solution for this function.

I no longer see a booklet icon on my line items. How do I add items from my Cost Catalog to my Estimate?

This is now done by using the "Add From" dropdown in the top left of the Estimate worksheet.

I don't see the "% Adjust Percentage Markup" button anymore. How do I apply markup across multiple line items as a mass action?

Adjust % Markup was moved to a checked action and now lives under the Checked Actions dropdown menu. This simply allows for more functionality of applying a mass markup to all OR specific cost items.

Can I import my Markup?

No, but you can export Markup to Excel.

What happened to my New Expected tab?

The New Expected tab is now called "Revised Costs" and can be found next to the "Original Estimate" tab once the Estimate has been approved. This is simply a more universal, and better understood, name.

My line item Allowance is linked to a Selection that has been chosen, why didn’t my Estimate worksheet update?

If an Allowance is shared with more than one Selection, all Choices must be approved or budgeted in order for the chosen Selections to replace the Allowance line item. If the Allowance is only tied to one Selection, then another reason may be because the Worksheet is locked or the Job Proposal is approved. If this is the case, the approved or budgeted Choices will appear in the Revised Costs tab.

How do I add more than one Cost Code to my Estimate as a mass action?

This would now be done using the “Add From” dropdown at the top of the page.

What happens when I click “Lock Worksheet Editing”?

Lock Worksheet will prevent any edits on your Estimate worksheet, and it will open the Revised Costs tab.

My worksheet is locked, why can’t I save it as a PDF?

There is no change to this functionality. On unreleased, the option to save a previous version to a PDF will be there, or the print option within Format & Share with Owner will allow you to the save to PDF option.

How do I calculate my Margin on my Estimate?

Margin is auto-calculated with the formula Profit ➗ Owner Price.

Can I still export my Estimate to Excel?

Yes. We have moved and changed the icon to align with other areas of the program. The button is now next to the gear icon in the right corner of your Estimate Worksheet.

Can I edit my Estimate Worksheet columns?

Yes. You can reorder, add or remove certain columns by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner of your Estimate Worksheet.

  • Check the box next to the column you want to display.

  • Click and hold the grab icon to place each column in the order you would like it displayed.

    • Note: the column title that is at the top will be the column that is furthest to the left on your worksheet.

If I edit my worksheet columns and then clear cookies and cache or log out, will it keep those settings?

Yes, if you save it on that job. Grid settings are on a per-job basis.

How do I create a custom export to Excel for my Estimate?

Builders can use the New Filter options as well as the New Edit Columns function to update their view. On export to Excel, we will export that information. This now includes Bids, Selections, Allowances and Change Orders from Revised Costs.

If you have an open Allowance on the Estimate, can you click into it to see which Selections are pending that are attached to that Allowance?

Yes, it will show all Selections tied to the Allowance and which ones are approved/pending.

Why is my "Unlock Worksheet" button grayed out and not clickable?

The majority of the time, it’s because your Job Proposal is released. You will need to click on the ‘View Job Proposal’ button to un-release it. Another potential reason would be that the user does not have "edit" permissions for the Estimate.

Are there any internal user permissions that allow certain users to lock/unlock the worksheet?

They would need the “view” option for Estimate general items and Estimate general items cost price/viewing. This enables you to add permissions to the “Estimate." Will need the “edit” permission for the Estimate to lock/unlock.

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