Problem: Some users on Sprint/T-Mobile (T-Mobile acquired Sprint in April 2020) have reported issues where they sometimes don't receive Text (SMS) notifications from Buildertrend.

Impact: This seems to be limited to only those using Sprint/T-Mobile as their carrier. Not all customers using this carrier are impacted, and even for those that are, the problem seems to be inconsistent.

Cause: Buildertrend uses a cell email delivery system where we send an email with the Text (SMS) notification content to the carrier, who then converts the message to an SMS and sends it out to the recipient. Our investigation included internal review and collaboration with a technical support rep from Sprint/T-Mobile. As a result, we’ve identified that the messages are being delivered to the carrier successfully, but the carrier is not always sending the notifications to the end-users. This is a limitation of the carrier, and at this point, there's nothing more Buildertrend can do to resolve this.

Solution: Turn on Push and/or Email notifications for the users this is affecting.

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