We recently redesigned the sidebar and removed sidebar white space to gain real estate across the program and modernize the overall site. This article will help explain some of the changes and visual differences you can now expect to see.

What's Changed?

  • The logo was added into the sidebar, and we removed the white space at the top of every page.

    • The logo was the main piece of the white space. Placing this in the sidebar allowed us to remove the white space altogether providing more room to view relevant content.

  • Linked Builder/Sub accounts

    • This dropdown has been combined and is now placed above the company logo.

  • When a single job is selected:

    1. Job card expands once a job is selected.

    2. Owner display name and job address are placed within this card to give users more information upfront.

    3. Job Running Total is now under the Owner's display name and job address.

  • Collapse the sidebar by clicking on the white circle with the arrow in it anytime you need more space.

    • When collapsed, the sidebar will no longer display the selected job vertically. To view the selected job, hover your mouse over the collapsed sidebar, and it will pop out so you can quickly view the job information or select another job.

  • When All Listed Jobs are selected:

    • A blue bar was added to the lefthand side to show users what jobs are selected.

  • Additional Items

    • Job Color placed within job card next to the job name.

    • Job Color appears next to each listed job name when using the Schedule.

    • QuickBooks status changed to ‘pill’ to match other areas of the program.

    • Hover state added - explains the QB color-coded icon next to a job name.

(Hot Tip #1: 🔥 Clicking the company logo is now a convenient shortcut that will take you back to the homepage)

(Hot Tip #2: 🔥 Collapse the company logo to show more jobs)

What's Next?

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