Buildertrend now has an enhanced spell checker for you and your team to utilize in any section with Rich Text Editor.

The Rich Text Editor is available in any text box with an expandable toolbar, like the one pictured below.

The functionality of the spell checker is simple. It is automatically turned on and can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of any compatible text box.

When hovering over the orange circle, it will display some additional information and provide some options.

Suggestions Found

Proofread in dialog

  • 1 - Go to spell checker Settings

  • 2 - Move the spell checker box

  • 3 - Click to make the suggested change

  • 4 - Go to the previous suggestion

  • 5 - Go to the next suggestion

Go to the spell checker settings

Disable spell checker

If the spell checker is disabled, it will appear gray. To enable again, click on the power icon.

The spell checker is available in the following sections:


  • Lead Opportunity Details

    • Notes

  • Proposals

    • Intro and Closing text

Change Order

  • Description


  • Public Instructions

  • Internal Notes

  • Choice Description


  • Body


  • Question

  • Response

Customer Surveys

  • Email Body


  • Bid Package Description

  • Invitation


  • Bill Description

  • PO Scope of Work

  • Lien Waiver Description

Owner Invoices

  • Invoice Description text box for Owner Invoices

Internal Users

  • Message Signature

Under Settings and Setup

  • Subs/Vendors

    • Sub/Vendor Invitation Email text box

  • Job Settings

    • Owner Invitation Email text box

  • Change Orders

    • Change Order Approval Disclaimer

    • Default Change Order Description

  • Selections

    • Selections Approval Disclaimer

  • Surveys

    • Default Survey Notification text box

  • Bids

    • Default Bid Request Notification Text

  • Estimate

    • Default Introductory Text

    • Default Closing Text

    • Estimate Disclaimer

  • Bills/POs/Budget

    • Purchase Orders

      • Default Scope of Work

      • Purchase Order Disclaimer

    • Lien Waivers Forms

      • Lien Waiver Description

  • Owner Invoices

    • Default Owner Invoice Description

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