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Why won't The Home Depot account I am signing in with work?

The integration will only work if you have a Pro Xtra account set up with The Home Depot. The Pro Xtra account is free, and you can sign up by clicking the link below.

Is there a fee for The Home Depot Pro Xtra Integration with Buildertrend?

No. It's a free integration.

Is The Home Depot integration available for Canadian clients?

Currently, it's only for US clients.

How do items from my Pro Xtra account sync to Buildertrend?

Once your Buildertrend account has been linked with your The Home Depot Pro Xtra account, The Home Depot will begin automatically syncing all items associated with any The Home Depot lists as well as the past 25 months of purchase history.

How do I push my Cost Catalog items to The Home Depot cart?

How often does the pricing update?

The pricing will sync daily at roughly 3 a.m. local time. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date prices directly from The Home Depot. Any changes to pricing will automatically be synced to catalog items and will automatically update items they are used within when applicable (based on current catalog functionality).

What if an item is out of stock or stock information is currently unavailable?

With this integration, as long as you can get an item to your cart, The Home Depot will fulfill your order. If The Home Depot does not allow you to place an item in your cart, they will let you know why on their website, and you can reach out to their customer service department for more information.

Can I filter to view only The Home Depot items in my Cost Catalog?

Not at this time. The catalog can be searched by keyword(s) and cost code(s). This is being considered for the future, based on user feedback.

Can I delete imported Cost Items en masse?

Not at this time.

Can I change the cost code associated with the imported cost items en masse?

Not at this time.

When I upload a receipt from The Home Depot and assign it to a job, does it automatically create a Bill?

No, it does not automatically create a Bill. A Bill can be created from the Receipt with the Receipt Details.

When I upload receipts from The Home Depot and assign them to a job, are they automatically applied to my budget?

No, it's not automatically applied to the budget. You would need to create a Bill from the receipt to get that expense into a certain job.

Why aren't my receipts from before the integration showing up in Buildertrend?

Only receipts added on or after the day you have integrated your Buildertrend account with The Home Depot will be synced automatically. Any prior receipts can be uploaded in the Receipts section.

We have several project managers with a The Home Depot card, but all are on the same account. Will all of the receipts for the entire account be uploaded for all project managers?

Yes, since they are all tied to the same account, they will all be uploaded, and they will be able to see all of those receipts in your Buildertrend account.

Am I able to send items directly to my personal cart?

Yes. Each Buildertrend user can connect to the Pro Xtra account for the company and send items directly into their own cart. However, they must be set up as a user inside of The Home Depot Pro Xtra account. See screenshots below.

If I add new items to one of my lists in my Pro Xtra account, how long do I have to wait for it to be available to import into my catalog in Buildertrend?

There is an hourly sync for new items from The Home Depot that have been added to a list or that have been purchased.

Will the pricing update with the daily sync if an entity is pending in Buildertrend, such as a Change Order?

Yes. Any unapproved entities with an item from The Home Depot will have the costs adjusted automatically. If an entity has been approved, The Home Depot item in the catalog will be updated for use in the future, but it will not update the pricing on anything that has been approved.

What pending entities will have the pricing updated by The Home Depot daily pricing sync?

Any unapproved:

  • Change Orders

  • Selection Choices

  • Proposals

  • Estimates

  • Purchase Orders

How does this impact my QuickBooks integration?

The Home Depot integration has no direct impact on the QuickBooks integration.

What if I already have some Cost Catalog items purchased from The Home Depot in my Buildertrend account? Can I pick and choose which items import over from The Home Depot to Buildertrend?

Yes, you'll check the items you want to bring over and leave the items you don't want to bring over unchecked.

Once I have signed up for a Pro Xtra account with The Home Depot and downloaded items to my Cost Catalog, how do I access them to build estimates?

You'll use the Cost Catalog icon to pull up your cost items and choose the ones you want to bring into the estimate.

Can I see the last time The Home Depot synced with Buildertrend?

You can see this within your Cost Catalog.

When the banner within my Cost Catalog shows there are additional items to import, how will I know which products are new?

The newest items are displayed at the top of the list when importing from The Home Depot to the cost catalog. This is not alphabetical, rather sorted by the most recent at the top.

How can you see which items have been pushed to the cart and paid for?

At this point, there's not a way to visualize which items have been sent to The Home Depot cart and paid for. However, there's a receipt tool that will automatically place the receipt from the purchase into Buildertrend.

The best practice is to wait for the receipt to hit, then create a bill on the appropriate job for the final amount. The receipt status should be changed to “Complete.”

How can I see which items have been pushed to the cart?

From the Buildertrend side, you are unable to see what has been pushed to the cart. However, we will block users from sending the same item twice from the same entity.

For example, if a user pushes an upgraded sink to their cart from a Change Order, BT will block them from sending that same sink on that CO. A message will pop up letting them know it has already been sent.

Can I manually initiate a sync with Home Depot to pull new items into the Cost Catalog?

You can visit your Cost Catalog, click the import dropdown, and select The Home Depot. Items on this list will pull directly from your lists and favorites from THD’s website.

In theory, you can “manually sync” by adding items to your list(s) in The Home Depot, then letting them become available to sync within Buildertrend’s catalog. This list updates multiple times throughout the day.

Will the pricing match what I end up purchasing?

Pricing displayed in Buildertrend and the final purchase price for products at The Home Depot may vary for various reasons. Some examples are listed below (these don’t encompass all of the possible reasons).

  • When the store Buildertrend is syncing pricing from and the store selected in your Pro Xtra account are two different locations.

  • Pricing has changed and the daily sync hasn’t had a chance to update Buildertrend pricing data.

  • Additional discounts, delivery charges, installation charges, warranties, accessories, etc., are added at or before final checkout.

What is the store location setting for?

The specified store location identifies where catalog pricing and product availability are pulled from.

Does this work for building out Selections? Does this work for building out an Estimate?

Yes, for both. You can pull in imported The Home Depot cost items into any item where you can access the cost catalog.

Please note: Push-to-cart functionality is only available on Selections, Change Orders, and Purchase Orders at this time. In the future, it will also be available on Estimates and Proposals.

What if an item is out of stock or stock information is currently unavailable?

With this integration, as long as you can get an item to your cart, The Home Depot will be able to fulfill your order. If The Home Depot does not allow you to place an item in your cart, they will let you know why on their website, and you can reach out to their customer service department for more information.

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