Previously Bills were a one-way street in terms of functionality. You simply created the expense and paid the Bill. This limited users of this feature to a cash-based accounting method.

Now, as part of our expanded WIP reporting, you can mark Bills as "Ready for Payment." This added step allows for accrual-based accounting and an all-new Accrual Work in Progress report.

If a Bill is marked “Ready for Payment,” it will be reflected as an actual expense on the Accrual WIP Report.

You should use this new functionality when you know an expense is going to be paid soon. As a result, the Bill counts against their costs on the Accrual WIP, even though it hasn't been paid.

This is an extra step for those that create several Bills each day. However, we must accommodate builders who operate using accrual-based accounting vs. cash-based accounting. The result of this update is each WIP report is going to be accurate based on how the company runs its accounting

You can view the new Accrual Work in Progress Report in your account HERE.

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