Things change all the time and having the option to send a quick notification to your assigned users on a schedule item is critical.

Within your account, you have two options for sending one-time notifications to assigned users.

  1. You can open an individual schedule item and use the one-time notification button.

  2. You can use the checked actions tool within the list view of your schedule to send multiple one-time notifications.

Individual Schedule Item Notifications

If you open a specific schedule item, you can quickly locate the one-time send icon next to the assignee's field. Once you click the 📶 icon, your one-time schedule notification will be sent.

Checked Actions Schedule Notifications

If you need to send multiple schedule item notifications you can quickly do so by using the checked actions tool from within your Schedule List View.

To perform this action, first, choose the job or jobs you want to include. Then toggle to list view and check the items you wish to send a one-time notification.

Last, choose "Notify Assigned Users" to complete this action.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding the use of this tool notification tool, please click the 🙁 below and a member of our support team will begin chatting with you.

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