How does the payroll period in Gusto impact Buildertrend?

Gusto is a payroll platform, meaning it has a set payroll period that will run per account. The payroll period is setup when the Gusto account is created.

Buildertrend does not impact the payroll period but needs to follow in the payroll period of Gusto. When Gusto & Buildertrend integrate, a new filter will appear to use to make running in the correct payroll period more convenient.

If you try to send a time shift outside of the current payroll period, the data will not send and Buildertrend will let you know you have tried to send a shift outside the payroll period.

Why do individual users in Buildertrend have to be authorized to send overtime shifts?

One big difference between the Gusto integration other integrations is how Buildertrend must authorize access to the Gusto account on an individual basis, not account level.

Any person who wants to send data to Gusto from Buildertrend must have the proper permissions in both platforms.

This means that generally, the users who will send data to Gusto from Buildertrend are going to be an admin in both. Buildertrend users’ profiles can be authorized to send data by going to the setup gear, payroll, and authorizing their use of the system.

Multiple people can be authorized but must have the proper Gusto & Buildertrend permissions to do so. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around how Gusto requires us to interact with their platform.

Buildertrend recommends training project managers, site superintendents, or whoever manages the shifts to approve the time within Buildertrend. Time can only send to Gusto after approval. However, the approval itself does not send the data to Gusto like the Quickbooks integration.

After shifts are approved, an admin in Gusto & Buildertrend can come into the time shifts, run the payroll period filter, and use checked actions to send all the shifts at once. Although it is a small inconvenience, most beta users reported this workflow to be fine.

What permissions are needed for payroll to work?

To access Payroll setup, users must have access to the Setup options under the gear in the top right-hand corner of Buildertrend. After clicking setup and scrolling down, look for the payroll option.

From there, it is a simple click to connect to an existing Gusto account or creating a new one. Please note, clicking the create Gusto account will permanently tie a new Gusto account to the email of the Buildertrend user who clicked the create new Gusto account option. If you already have a Gusto account, click the Connect to Gusto option.

There is also a role permission window needed to access information. Ensure that there is a view, add, and edit for data to sync correctly. The Full Admin profile includes these flags on automatically.

What if I accidentally create a Gusto account instead of linking?

The ability to create a Gusto account only occurs if the email of the Buildertrend user does not already have a Gusto account assigned to the email.

If you did accidentally create a Gusto account, you can cancel it by logging in, going to the account settings in the upper right, and moving to the plan tab. Below is a screenshot of how to decouple an account from an email.

Why are certain shifts not sending over?

There are numerous reasons why a shift might not send over.

The program should give you specific reasons as to why the shifts failed. Reasons range from the shift is not approved, that the shift is off cycle on payroll, or there is a problem with the connection of the internal users and their Gusto profile.

Keep in mind, there is less data that needs to connect from Buildertrend to Gusto, you simply need to make sure the user is linked to their Gusto profile, approve the shift, and be within the correct payroll period.

What’s the difference between a job in Gusto & a job in Buildertrend?

Gusto “jobs” are related to the employee’s title and responsibilities.

Buildertrend requires that to link to a profile, a user must be assigned to one Job. Buildertrend will prompt you to designate which ‘job’ to sync with if the employee is assigned to more than one.

Why can’t a user have multiple ‘jobs’ in Gusto?

Typically, Gusto ‘jobs’ or what Buildertrend would consider ‘roles’ have different pay rates. The integration requires that each user has a set pay rate. If a user has different rates for different shifts, you will have to manually adjust to the correct payrate in Gusto once the time is sent over.

What if I am having trouble connecting to Gusto?

If you are having trouble connecting from Buildertrend to Gusto, it is likely because you need to finish their onboarding inside of Gusto.

Buildertrend will let the user see the status of the user settings. Onboarding is usually handled by the employee of Gusto; the employee or employer will need to finish the setup in order to link correctly. Once they are done, Buildertrend should reflect they are synced.

Other possibilities that a user is no longer active in Gusto. Please check the active employee list of Gusto to ensure that they are still eligible for time shifts to send over. Inactive employees live under dismissed of the “Team members” tab of Gusto

What happens if I delete time in Gusto?

Deleting time from Gusto will not delete the time from Buildertrend. Users will need to delete it from Buildertrend if they have removed it from Gusto.

What happens if I reset or delete a shift in Buildertrend?

Resetting or deleting a shift from Buildertrend will remove the shift from Gusto if the payroll period is still open. After payroll is run, the data must be fixed in Gusto and Buildertrend separately.

How do pay rates in Gusto impact rates in Buildertrend?

Much like the Quickbooks integration, Buildertrend does not use Gusto’s payroll information. The extent of the information that is sent over to Gusto are the hours that belong to the payroll period.

Can I use Quickbooks & Gusto Payroll?

Yes, you can continue to use both Gusto & Quickbooks. Quickbooks will continue to process bills, POs, and Owner Invoices as usual.

We recommend disconnecting users from the accounting tab in the user setup to avoid accidentally sending time clock data to Quickbooks.

Do I have to integrate Quickbooks and Gusto?

No, you do not have to use Quickbooks and Gusto. Although information from Gusto can be relevant to Quickbooks, they are different services. However, if you choose to integrate Gusto & Quickbooks, Gusto will enter relevant information to the Quickbooks account automatically via a journal entry once payroll is run.

However, Buildertrend does not integrate Gusto and Quickbooks accounts. Gusto has a support team that you will need to utilize to handle that integration.

Do cost codes on time shifts send over to Gusto?

There is no link between cost codes and Gusto.

Does overtime send over to Gusto?

Overtime must be set up in Gusto by the employee wage type. Additionally, overtime needs to be set up in Buildertrend in the Time Clock settings. If setup correctly, overtime will automatically calculate on the time shift data sent from Buildertrend.

Does PTO accrual send over to Gusto?

Gusto has PTO settings and if set up correctly, will track the accrued PTO from the Buildertrend hours sent over. Buildertrend employees are not responsible for setting up Gusto settings. If you have questions in setting up Gusto PTO policies, refer to Gusto’s help center or support team.

What if they have multiple Gusto accounts?

Like Quickbooks, only one Gusto account can sync with one Buildertrend account.

What email does Buildertrend & Gusto auto-sync with?

When setting up new employees, Gusto uses personal emails. Buildertrend will auto-sync an employee when their personal email in Gusto matches their email in Buildertrend. If their Buildertrend email is not the same as their personal email, you will need to set up users manually and opt into the correct employee.


Where does the time data go once it is in Gusto?

With this integration, Buildertrend is replacing the time keeping features of Gusto. Therefore, hours will appear on the payroll center of Gusto. You will not see the data being sent over until you select run payroll in Gusto. You can click the run payroll option in Gusto without running a payroll, you just have to begin the process to see the hours being placed in the payroll center of Gusto.

Does Gusto have their own support?

Yes, Gusto has their own support. Please email as well as their help center at

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