Occasionally, there will be information that needs to be accessed by some and not others. Buildertrend give you the ability to dictate that level of detail when storing files.

When trades as well as users are added to jobs, the permission wizard will prompt you to restrict or allow access to certain items.

First, select a job, then navigate to Job Info.

From here, navigate to the Subs/Vendors tab.

Select the checkbox to the right of the Sub/Vendor to be sure they've been added to the job.

Once the checkbox has been selected, click Save in the top left.

Once you add a Sub/Vendor to a job and Save, a permission wizard will pop up. This permission wizard will allow you to do many things, but let's highlight the View Documents permission. Select this checkbox and this will allow the newly added Sub/Vendor to view all documents in Sub/Vendor permitted folders. This allows you to grant access to all documents this Sub/Vendor would need with one action.

Click Update Permissions to grant access.

Keep in mind you can adjust document access individually, as well, for trades that have already been added to the job. This can be accomplished by using Checked Actions or the 3 Action Dots (ellipsis).

You can also prompt the permission wizard by removing a Sub/Vendor from a job, Saving, then re-adding the Sub/Vendor to the job.

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