Seamlessly make comments, revisions and more to uploaded files. This will save you time as you no longer have to run back to the office to share notes.

When marking up documents within Buildertrend, a log of all edits as well as who made each one is kept. This allows you to track changes to a document while also keeping the original file.

To begin, navigate to Documents from the Files header.

From here, select a folder.

At this point, right-click the document you would like to annotate, and select Create an Annotation.

At the top of the annotation screen, you have access to a variety of tools that will help update your document.

From Left to Right:

  • Page Navigation

  • Zoom Out

  • Zoom In

  • Full Size

  • Best Fit

  • Fit to Width

  • Highlighter Tool

  • Arrow Tool

  • Free Draw Tool

  • Blackout Tool

  • Text Box

  • Approved/Declined Stamp

  • Move Tool

For example, an annotation using the free draw tool in red can help point out a change or update in the specs.

As annotations are made, they can be saved to a layer. Each layer can be Shown, or Hidden. The layer will display who created the layer, as well.

From the This Version drop down, you can download the document (no annotations), email the document (no annotations), or save the document as a new document. The Save as New option will save the document with the annotations permanently added. This option will allow you to retain the original document, as well as have the newly updated, marked up document.

Layers can be removed by clicking the trash icon to the right.

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