Please note: Your Buildertrend account must be integrated with The Home Depot to utilize this tool.

The Receipt Management Tool will help Buildertrend users upload and organize expenses. There can be a disconnect between the Field Crew users who are uploading receipts and the Bookkeepers who are managing company financials. This tool provides an easy-to-use solution for getting expenses logged correctly.

Instead of teaching Field Crew users how to store receipts using Photos or Bills, Field Crew users can simply scan the receipt into the Receipt Management Tool. Once the receipt has been uploaded, Bookkeepers can account for the expense, as well as assign the receipt to a job and Cost Code, if applicable, and even create a Bill from the receipt.

This then provides Buildertrend users with an easier process for uploading and organizing expenses, as well as has a lower barrier for entry for tracking receipts. This tool will also help cut down on the possibility of duplicate expenses.

The Receipts tool can be found within the Financial header.

You can upload a receipt using the Upload Receipt button in the top left.

You'll be able to browse existing files on your computer, as well as drag and drop the file into Buildertrend.

Once uploaded, you'll see the receipt in the grid.

There is more information that is displayed within the grid, such as which job and cost code is assigned to the receipt, if applicable, as well as the status of the receipt. You can select the receipt for more information.

From here, you'll be able to access the receipt, as well as fill out more data points surrounding the receipt.

The Title can be renamed to help find the receipt in the future.

To the right, you can further organize the receipt by assigning it to a Job, Cost Code, Sub/Vendor, as well as update the Status of the receipt.

The Status drop down will help you track if the receipt has been accounted for.

To help navigate your receipts, you have a Filter available at the top.

Finally, receipts can be sent to Buildertrend via email at the top.

Simply copy the address Buildertrend provides and forward the email receipts to that address. The receipts will then be logged in Buildertrend.

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