The Push-to-Cart functionality helps facilitate purchases with The Home Depot and will help you secure those purchases immediately. This reduces the amount of time it takes to purchase, and allows you to act with urgency.

In order to send a Cost Catalog Item that has been imported from The Home Depot to the cart, simply add the item to a Purchase Order, Selection Choice, or Change Order. The example below highlights a Selection Choice, but the workflow is the same.

Once the items has been added, select the checkbox to the left of the item. This will allow you to use the Checked Actions drop down to send the item directly to your The Home Depot cart for purchase.

Please note: you are only able to send Catalog Items that have been imported from The Home Depot to The Home Depot cart.

If your line item looks more like this, you can access your Cost Catalog here to add items from The Home Depot.

Once The Home Depot item has been added, you'll be able to push items to the cart using the Send to The Home Depot Cart button.

Once the item(s) have been sent to the cart successfully, you can continue working in Buildertrend, or be taken to The Home Depot cart.

If you choose to View your Cart at The Home Depot, you will be able to see everything that is currently in your cart, save items for later, as well as add items to your lists at The Home Depot.

You can continue onward to fully complete the purchase and Checkout, as well.

Items purchased from The Home Depot will be available to be imported into Buildertrend's Cost Catalog.

Once a purchase has been made, the receipt will be logged in your Pro Xtra account with The Home Depot, as well as synced with Buildertrend’s receipt management tool.

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