To add items from The Home Depot to your Cost Catalog, navigate to Setup.

From here, select Catalog.

Once your account has been synced with The Home Depot, new items will be displayed at the top.

You can also view a list of items from The Home Depot that are ready to be imported from the Import Cost Items drop down.

From here, you can see the items that can be synced from The Home Depot with your Cost Catalog.

Select the item(s) you would like to import into your Cost Catalog, as well as assign a Cost Code to the item.

From here, select Import to add items from The Home Depot to your Cost Catalog. Items from The Home Depot will NOT be added to your Cost Catalog automatically and must be imported.

Once imported, items from The Home Depot can be found within your Cost Catalog.

The Title, Description, and Pricing Information will be included. This information comes directly from The Home Depot. Items from The Home Depot can be utilized through: Purchase Orders, Selection Choices, and Change Orders.

After a Cost Item from The Home Depot has been added, you can see more information from the blue "i" icon. This icon will display stock information, as well as a direct link to the item on The Home Depot's website.

Item Syncing

  • Once your Buildertrend account has been linked with your The Home Depot Pro Xtra account, The Home Depot will begin automatically syncing all items associated with any The Home Depot lists, as well as the past 25 months of purchase history.

  • There is a continuous sync every hour for new items from The Home Depot that have been added to a list or purchased. Pricing for each item from The Home Depot will be synced daily. This ensures you always have the items you need, as well as have the most up-to-date-prices directly from The Home Depot.

  • Any unapproved entities with an item from The Home Depot will have the costs adjusted automatically. If an entity has been approved, such as a Change Order, The Home Depot item in the catalog will be updated for use in the future, but it will not update the pricing on anything that has been approved.

  • While on The Home Depot's website, receipts can be added. This counts as a purchase in the system and will sync back items on the receipt to the import list in Buildertrend’s cost catalog, as well as add the receipt to Buildertrend's receipt management tool.

  • You can see the last time your Buildertrend account was synced with The Home Depot within the Cost Catalog.

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