The integration can be setup within Buildertrend, as well as from The Home Depot’s website. Within Buildertrend, navigate to Setup.

Once in Setup, select The Home Depot.

Select Connect to The Home Depot Pro Xtra to continue. If you have questions prior to integrating; feel free to chat with us.

At this point, you will need to authorize Buildertrend to share data with The Home Depot.

From here, sign into your Pro Xtra account with The Home Depot.

If you have multiple Pro Xtra accounts, you will be asked which account you would like to link to your Buildertrend account. If your email address is only associated with one account, your account will automatically be linked.

Congratulations! Your Buildertrend account is now linked with your Pro Xtra account. When your account is initially linked, you will automatically be assigned the nearest The Home Depot store, based on the location of your company. This store is where pricing and stock information will be pulled from. You can edit your preferred store by selecting Edit Location.

The user that initially connects the Buildertrend account to a Pro Xtra account establishes the Pro Xtra connection for the entire account.

Subsequent users will set up their own integration with the Pro Xtra account. Buildertrend Admins cannot set up the another user’s personal connection. The connection can be found within each user's Internal User profile.

A user must be connected in order to enable the push to cart functionality. Also, users don't need to be Buildertrend administrators to establish their personal Pro Xtra connection.

Each user can disconnect their personal connection at any time. A Buildertrend administrator can disconnect any other user connection from within Setup.

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