If you require your trades to sign any type of job site rules or safety procedure document prior to starting work, you should use the Trade Agreement feature available within your sub or vendor profiles.

Keeping trade agreements organized and accessible can be a never-ending manual task that requires excessive communication with trades, especially when a signature is required.

Through the use of Trade Agreements, you'll be able to:

  • Send out electronic trade agreement signature requests

  • View and track signature confirmation across all your trades

  • Save time and improve communication

  • Better protect your business with less effort

  • Keep accurate records of past signed agreements with timestamps and print options

Here's how to get started

Start by navigating to the Subs/Venders tab in the top right.

Select a sub or vendor and navigate to the Trade Agreements tab.

From here, you'll choose the file you want to upload.

Once a trade agreement has been uploaded, you have the option to enter a description of the document. Select Save to store the document with the Sub/Vendor profile.

If the sub or vendor is actively using Buildertrend, you can send the agreement to them for approval.

Once the agreement has been sent, you can view the status and resend a notification to the sub or vendor if they haven't signed within a certain amount of time.

On the sub/vendor side, within their portal, they will receive a pop-up notification informing them of the trade agreement approval request.

They can then review and approve the trade agreement from within their Buildertrend portal.

Once the agreement has been signed, the status will be updated to reflect the approval.

In the future, if your make updates to your trade agreement, you can replace your current trade agreement with an updated version.

Simply go through the same steps previously mentioned to upload the new trade agreement.

If you have yet to send the new trade agreement to an active sub or vendor, the new trade agreement will be listed below the current, signed trade agreement.

Once the new trade agreement has been sent to the sub or vendor and approved, the old agreement can be accessed on the same page.

Help Video:

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