Buildertrend users are able to sync to Gusto from the Setup tab of Buildertrend.

From here, navigate to Payroll at the bottom.

At this point, you will see options to create a Gusto account or link to an existing account. If you choose to set up a Gusto account, you will taken out of Buildertrend and begin Gusto's onboarding process to set up an account. Otherwise, click Connect to Gusto to start integrating.

Keep in mind that if you select Create a New Gusto Account from here, you will not be able to create a new Gusto account again using the same email, as Gusto links to your email when choosing to create a Gusto account from Buildertrend. Finish setting up your Gusto account and return to Buildertrend to complete linking the systems.

Next, whether setting up a new Gusto account or integrating with an existing account, you will be required to authorize your Gusto account to finish the integration process. When connecting, you will need to enter your Gusto credentials to complete the authorization.

After authorizing your Buildertrend account, your accounts are officially linked. Please note, only one Buildertrend account can be linked to a single Gusto account. If your profile in Gusto is associated with multiple Gusto accounts, please choose the appropriate account that needs to be linked to Buildertrend.

If you ever have the need to disconnect the account, the Disconnect dropdown will provide the options to unlink Buildertrend from Gusto account completely, as well as allow you to Disconnect My User. Disconnecting users keeps the Buildertrend account authorized to send information to Gusto, but will limit the users profile from having the permission to send anything over.

Linking Buildertrend Users to Gusto Employees

The next step is to link Buildertrend Internal Users to Gusto employees. Start by navigating to Internal Users.

From here, select an Internal User, then navigate to the Payroll tab.

For an employee that already exists in Gusto, the user can be synced by clicking Sync with Gusto User. This will sync based off the user's email address in Buildertrend, if it matches an employee’s personal email in Gusto. You should see a green sync status indictor, if successful.

If the sync fails, it is likely because your Buildertrend account uses a different email from Gusto's personal email. You will be notified on the screen and see a dropdown with onboarded employees to choose from.

Select the correct person and hit save, you will see the successful sync status if the employee is onboarded.

You can also select Create Gusto Employee. To complete your employee's payroll onboarding, login to your Gusto account. Below is an example of a user who is pending setup within Gusto:

The same functions of Sync with Gusto User and Create User in Gusto exist in the Checked Actions dropdown, located within the Internal Users grid. This will allow you to sync multiple users at once, or create multiple Gusto Employees at one time.

Once all your users are fully synced, you can begin sending time shifts over to Gusto to process your payroll.

Gusto Jobs

What Gusto calls a Job, Buildertrend users would view as an employee's role in Buildertrend. I.e. Foreman, Designer, or Project Manager.

Gusto employees can have multiple jobs listed under each employee, but Buildertrend will only link to one job assigned in Gusto at any given time because each job may have a different assigned pay rate.

In the case an employee does have multiple jobs, you will find a Gusto Job dropdown on the Payroll tab within an Internal User's profile in Buildertrend. A job does have to be selected prior to syncing any time shifts over from Buildertrend.

If a user has multiple jobs and one is not selected when trying to sync a shift; an error message will be displayed.

Additional User Linking Information

  • A Buildertrend Internal User cannot sync with a Gusto Employee who is setup as a salary employee. The Gusto Employee needs to be setup as a hourly employee and that is all managed in Gusto.

  • If there is more than one Gusto employee with the same email address. You will not be able to sync a Buildertrend Internal User to that Gusto employee.

  • Buildertrend users cannot have multiple email addresses associated with their Internal User profile when integrating with Gusto.

  • We only sync with the “Personal” email in Gusto. Gusto has two email options per employee, one called Personal and another called Work.

Help Video:

If you have any additional questions about the integration itself, please reach out to For Gusto specific questions and managing payroll details, please reach out to

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