Once you've set up an account with Gusto, integrated the account with Buildertrend, and have established all employee links; the integration will be ready to use.

Employees clocking in and out of Buildertrend's Time Clock feature will have their hours tracked.

Taking into account the time in, time out, as well as break time; the total hours will be calculated.

This information remains in Buildertrend until it is synced with Gusto.

Syncing Time Clock Shifts to Gusto

In order to send Time Clock Shifts to Gusto, the Time Shift in Buildertrend must be approved. You can either approve shifts individually, or approve multiple shifts from the Checked Actions dropdown.

To sync with Gusto, select the shift and click Sync with Gusto.

For multiple shifts, you can utilize Checked Actions to Sync with Gusto, as well.

The Time Clock Grid includes column for Gusto Payroll. This will display if a time clock shift has been synced. It will display Not Synced if the times haven't been sent to Gusto, or Synced if the time has been sent to Gusto.

Within Checked Actions, there is a Mark as Synced to Gusto Payroll option. This is used when the employee's time is already accounted for in Gusto, but the sync status needs to be updated in Buildertrend. With this option, the shift is not synced with Gusto - It simply updates the Gusto Payroll Status in Buildertrend.

Within a time shift, the Reset Approval option is available on synced shifts. This will remove the time shift from Gusto. The Delete option will remove the time from Gusto AND Buildertrend.

Running Gusto Payroll

On Gusto’s main dashboard, there is an option on the left hand side call Payroll. The Run Payroll option will take you to a new page where you will have the option to run a specific payroll date that you choose.

After running your Payroll, your Gusto employees will be displayed. All employees will be displayed regardless if they are synced with Buildertrend or not. To look for a specific individual, use the search function.

Clicking on an employee's time will open a a window displaying total time for each specific Gusto job.

Look for the job they are synced with and the total time for the payroll dates you selected will be displayed.

Please keep in mind, Payroll Schedules are setup in Gusto. Buildertrend's Time Clock Settings will not affect the Gusto Payroll Schedule.

Pro Tips

  • A Buildertrend customer can use QuickBooks and Gusto Payroll with each other. Please consult Gusto's Help Center to integrate Gusto & Quickbooks Online.

  • Changing the “Week Start” day in Buildertrend does not affect Gusto Payroll. It could affect how overtime is calculated as the Week Start day does not mirror the Gusto Payroll start date.

  • Buildertrend will send overtime shift over based on how you've chosen to setup overtime Buildertrend. You will be able to view the overtime breakout in Gusto after running payroll.

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