To make a payment on a bill using Buildertrend Online Payments, navigate to Bills/POs from the Financial header.

From the list of Bills and POs, click on the bill number to open the bill.

Enter information such as who is being paid, the title of the bill, and the bill number.

Scroll down and enter the appropriate cost code and amount to be paid, then click Save.

Once the Bill has been successfully created, select Ready for Payment. Once checked, select Pay, then click Pay Online.

A popup screen will appear providing details on the sub you are paying, as well as the payment amount. Choose your payment method and then click Next.

If everything looks correct, click Send Payment.

The default settings of the payment to your sub will require them to review and accept payment. If your sub is setup for online payments, they simply need to login and choose to accept the payment. If your sub is not set up for Buildertrend Online Payments, Powered by Chase, they will need to set up their WePay account.

You can also check the status of the payment from the Bill/POs grid. Scroll to the right to see if it still processing, has been paid, or is under review.

For additional information about the payment, you can also go to the Online Payment Report from the Financials tab. Navigate to the Online Payment Report from the Financial header.

Here, you will see a list of transactions for the project and the status.

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