To begin, select the job you are working with.

Navigate to the To-Do tab within the Project Management header.

You will see Import To-Do's. Click that.

(Hot Tip: 🔥 Anywhere you see "import" in Buildertrend within a feature, you can import a template. Example: Schedules, File Folders, Selections, etc.)

Select the Source Template you would like to use. You can also choose from existing jobs as well. You will notice that To-Do's is checked.

Additionally, you can also select other items to copy that are contained in the same template by scrolling down. That way you don't have to go to each feature and import your template into those existing jobs as well. It is all in one place and can be imported with a simple check to each box.

Once imported, any updates that are made will not retroactively update the template. To update the template, you will need to navigate back to the Templates Menu and update the template manually.

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