Payment methods must be verified in order to transact. When entering your bank account and bank routing information manually, micro-deposits will be required to verify the account. After entering the routing information, two small deposits are posted into your bank account and an email is sent to you for you to complete.

Inside the email, you will be asked to enter the exact deposit amount into a form. This process is known as micro deposit verification. Verifying micro deposits is a banking industry norm when using an online payment system. The process is slow and relies on waiting for the deposits to post in the account before the payment can be sent to the recipient.

With Plaid, there is no micro-deposit verification.

To expedite the verification of bank accounts for online transacting, Plaid was developed. Instead of waiting days to make a payment, with Plaid it only takes a few seconds and is completely secure. Plaid is a third-party bank account verification tool utilized by thousands of online merchants across the United States, Canada, & Europe.

Buildertrend utilizes Plaid to verify ACH payments instantly. Consider using Plaid, which works with 94% of all banks.

Please note: micro-deposit verification is not necessary for credit card transaction.

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