As we continue to update and evolve our platform, we are constantly looking to provide more customization options for our customers.

If you're required to print certain documents from your jobs with company-specific information on every printout, you can now use these new custom fields:

This will ensure your company address data is correct and will include additional custom data below.

By using these fields, you'll always have critical license or certificate information included on your printouts.

How do I access custom printout fields?

In order to access these fields, you must be an admin on the account.

With admin access, you can go to the gear icon in the top right of the account and click Setup.

Once the Builder Setup & Configuration window opens, click the Edit option located next to Company Information.

Here, you'll find the new custom fields below your Business Address. Once you've updated the fields with your required information, click Save.

After saving the information to your custom fields, they will show up on all future printouts.

What's next?

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