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Over the past one and a half years, our Product team has been busy having conversations, collecting feedback and reviewing internal data in order to provide an exceptional Estimate feature update. This rewrite yields a simplified, prioritized, and organized Estimates feature that removes any guesswork.

There were several modifications made to the existing Estimate feature that will greatly impact its usability and adaptability within Buildertrend. The rewrite will allow users to easily add/edit costs during the estimating process with the updated Add functions and organization by the cost categories you have set up within your account.

With the new Revised Costs, you will have an easier time understanding the original versus updated costs. This will help better track ongoing costs as jobs progress. We also created better links between Allowances and Bids, so you won’t have to worry about accidental cost duplication during the selection and bidding process.

Brief Overview:


What has changed?

Organization of Costs through Categories:

Displaying existing cost categories on the estimate will help promote a structure that works for each unique business, providing consistency with the budget, and serving as a template for filling out estimates. Organizing the budget and the estimate similarly will better convey the relationship between the two, as well as provide more consistency around how financial information is viewed. This option can be toggled on and off.

Updated line-item editing experiences:

We have optimized the editing experiences for both adding more information to a cost, as well as adding better keyboard support for editing quickly. The crucial cost information is prioritized in the worksheet editing experience but allows you to add additional columns as needed, or dive into the cost item for more detail.

Addition of a Cost Type field:

Cost type will provide a more robust reporting experience by helping you quickly identify certain items in the estimate, as well as provide more insight to help improve margins in the future.

Automatic updating of costs tied to Bids, Allowances, and Selections:

You will no longer have to manually adjust or exclude estimated costs when managing bids and selections, as these will now automatically update. Estimated costs will provide the most up-to-date information from any linked bids, allowances, and selections, as you work through the project in Buildertrend. This requires significantly less manual effort.

Updated customer sharing experience:

The updated Estimate feature provides more control and separation when viewing estimated costs and how it is presented to the customer. We understand that in order to present professionally, we need to give you more confidence in understanding what will be shared with your customer.

New User Interface

  1. Adding costs is now located here and you have these options for adding costs.

  2. We've separated the act of locking the Estimate from releasing the Estimate to your customer.

  3. This then allows for you to have your original Estimate and your working Estimate available without needing to release it to your customer.

  4. Everything is now organized by Cost Categories. Here, you can add a cost from that specific Cost Category.

  5. Filters can help quickly pull up different Cost Types and Cost Categories, as opposed to scrolling through the Estimate.

  6. Use Checked Actions with your Filters to quickly perform actions.

The amount of dedication that goes into these extensive product updates is a true attestation to our customer commitment. We will never pretend to be perfect because we know there’s always room for improvement.

Creating Estimates is an important part of any construction project. With this feature overhaul, we hope to give you added confidence when using and implementing Estimates in your financial process.

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