To begin, navigate to the Templates menu to start the process.

Next, click the (+) and select From Scratch.

Give the new template a name. You can also provide access to your internal users that need to view the template or make revisions and updates. Once updated, click Save.

Once the template has been created, navigate to the Bids tab to begin setting up your standard bid packages for future use.

To create a template from a current job, select the job, and click on the job details button.

Next, click Copy to Template.

Add a Template Name, then click Copy to Template.

To access the newly saved template, navigate to the Templates tab.

In the Templates Menu, select the template on the left.

You will have the option to revise and update any bids that were saved from your current job. Just click into the Bids tab to do so.

Please keep in mind, all features that can be templated will be copied into the template, as well. Creating templates in this fashion may require you to make some edits to the template, as well as remove some aspects in order for you to use for future jobs.

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