You have unlimited storage using Buildertrend. This will help create a single platform to organize all of your important job and company Documents, Photos, and Videos. The workflow for uploading files is very similar and will be an easy process to implement.

Managing Files in Buildertrend ensures your team has all the information they need while in the field. As updates occur, your team members have the ability to view, request signatures and annotate PDFs stored in the system.

Taking progress photos help capture general updates to the job, as well as help record any issues. When photos are added, team members have the ability to make annotations on each photo. In order to utilize the 360° photo feature, you will need a 360° camera. Using the Panorama option on an iPhone will not allow you to upload a 360° photo.

When capturing videos, the size limit for an individual video upload is 5120MB. When uploading a video stored on your device, there is a 15 minute time limit on your video. When recording a live video using the mobile application, you will have a time limit of 5 minutes.

Any updates to any file are immediately available to team members back at the office and can be shared with trade partners and customers, as well.

Adding Files, whether a Document, Photo, or Video, is a similar workflow. To begin, navigate to More in the bottom right.

From here, expand the Files Drawer, and select the type of file you would like to upload.

You will need to select a job before proceeding with Photos. For Documents and Videos, you will see the automatically generated Global folder if you do not have a job selected. This folder is where you can store information that is not tied to a specific job. Tap at the top of the mobile app to select a job.

Select the job where you would like to upload the file(s). At this point, you will need to have folders created to organize your files. To create a folder, tap the Plus icon in the top right.

Once the folder has been created, you can select the folder that you would like to use. Once in the folder, tap the Plus icon in the top right. This will give you the option to select files that you would like to upload.

Finally, you can determine if you would like to send a notification that the file has been uploaded. Tap Upload in the top right to complete the process.




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