The goal of releasing a bid package to a trade partner is to create a standardized process that is quick and easy, as well as keep all correspondence and documentation in one centralized location.

Once your bid package has been created and the correct trade partners have been assigned, click Save and Release. This will send out an email to your trades to provide a quote for the work.

You must have an email associated with a subcontractor in order to release the Bid Package to them, as it will be released via email. If not, you will see the below prompt before you release.

From the subcontractor's perspective, they will receive the below email.

They can view some information at a glance, but to submit their numbers they will click View and Submit Bid.

When submitting their bid, all information that you have provided will be visible.

The subcontractor will be able to add costs and quantities to the line items that you have provided, as well as any additional details and attachments; keeping all information in Buildertrend.

They will then click Submit Bid at the bottom, or Decline to Bid if they are not interested in submitting a bid.

A final confirmation will pop up before their bid is submitted.

Once the sub has submitted their bid, you will receive a notification. The bid submission will immediately be available to view within Buildertrend.

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