To begin, click on the Financial header at the top, then click Bids.

Next, click on New Bid Package to begin the process.

From the General tab, update your bid Package Title and provide a Deadline for your trades to submit their bid quote. You will have the option to setup daily reminders for your trades as well from this section.

As a best practice, we recommend utilizing your cost code list for your bid packages. Click on the Line Items tab, then add in your cost code(s) along with Title, Descriptions, and identify the Cost Type per line item. Leave the Quantity and Unit blank (unless you know that information), that is for the trade to update once the bid package is released.

You can also add in a larger Bid Package Description, along with any Attachments that need to be provided for your trades to update an accurate quote for you.

Back at the top of the page, navigate to the Requests tab. This is where you can select which trade partners will receive the bid package upon release.

Fill out the Invitation Text, this will be what your trade(s) will receive via email.

If you plan to compare quotes from multiple subs, remember, each sub will receive the same email, so you will want to ensure the information is high level and not trade specific.

Once all information has been updated, click Save.

The Bid Package is saved within Buildertrend, but has not been released to your trade partners, as of yet. Clicking Save and Release will release the Bid Package to your trade partners via email, as well as via Buildertrend if they have already set up their Buildertrend account as a subcontractor.

What's Next? Releasing Bid Packages to Trade Partners

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